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Fresh Air's Professional recommendations for a variety of common issues


Biological Contaminants

This one is less common for residential customers as it usually applies to places like libraries or schools. Now, if you have a daycare or you often host large groups of people, there are some options via ventilation to help limit the spread of disease.


First week of school for your kindergartner and what are you doing? Oh that's right, you're sick. Of course you are! Groups of people are perfect for germs to skip merrily from one victim to another, growing and spreading and expanding faster and faster! Now, you may have read the allergies or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity section and learned a bit about different filters, such as a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) 18 filter handling viruses, or a MERV 15 taking care of bacteria. While this is accurate, these filters do stop those pathogens from getting through, but just adding ventilation can help with diluting the air, reducing risk of having them there in the first place!

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