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About Us

The Company

    Fresh Air is a small business started in 2006 which is owned and operated by Kurt Johnson. Since that time we have installed units in the homes of over 500 pleased customers. We install air exchange systems in both completed homes and those in the final stages of construction.


We also do installations in new homes, modular homes, existing homes and small/light commercial work.

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The Customers

    Without our wonderful customers we don't have a business. Some have congestion and headaches. Some can't live in their new homes. Some of them bought a modular home and nobody explained their ventilation system to them. Some have condensation and mold and are worried for their families. Some just want fresh air; for themselves, for their elderly parents, for their children and grandchildren. Some have a parish, others a library or a small school or an RV repair warehouse. From all walks of life, we could all use a breath of fresh air.

The Leader - Kurt Johnson


"Buying a family modular home in 2001 was my first exposure to an air exchange system. At that time, it was explained to me to be a most important part of a tight energy efficient home. It would remove excess moisture during the winter and most importantly, pollutants from everything we might have in the home. I thought that it made a lot of sense to have my family in a healthy indoor environment.

A few years went by and I ended up selling those same homes and realized that most people who got those homes didn't understand their systems and how to use them. I also realized that there didn't seem to be a good understanding in the industry how to design, install and maintain these systems.

In 2006, I decided that this was a good potential market for a professional business. So I went to Canada to get trained as a Residential Mechanical Designer and Installer and received my HRAI Certification, #8630."

Not ventilating a tight home is kind of like a plastic bag on your head. The first thing you'll see is moisture building up; but it's not what you can see that's the biggest threat.


Kurt Johnson performs installation work alongside the Field Technicians Luke and John; in addition to educating the public on various dangers of poor indoor air quality.

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The Office Manager - Daniel Ranger

"I've always been hyper-sensitive to tastes and smells, and noticed how constricted I felt working in a call center but I didn't put it all together until the previous Office Manager, a friend of mine, and I were talking about how he wanted a more physical labor job. I put him in contact with my neighbor who helped him get hired at the Walmart Distribution center. In turn, he recommended me to Kurt for my experience in customer service, technical background, graphic design and those sensitivities. Now I've been here since March of 2017.

There's a lot of information in this job. How air works, what pollutants there are, not to mention the fact the general public has no idea what goes on in the air in their home. I certainly was oblivious before I started here!

I am glad that I am still able to help people like I did when I dispatched Roadside Assistance, but with a lot less stress.

In addition, I like that I get to utilize the more creative parts of my brain. I got to build a new website (still definitely in the works) new ads, new brochures, helping with booths at the trade shows and explaining products to customers in detail."

The Lead Field Technician

Mangok Akol

The Maintenance Technician


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