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I meant to write this last week but got sidetracked by work. I just wanted to take the time to send a note of thanks to you and your team.  I have been trying to get you to Bar Harbor to service our Venmar unit for a while now.  I followed your videos online to do regular maintenance, and they were super helpful. Our unit was still blowing fresh air, but not venting correctly.  I called and spoke with Daniel on July 10th, and he was very professional.  He was able to help me troubleshoot our unit as it is the same unit you have in your office.  After spending an hour on the phone with him, we had the unit back up and operational.  Daniel took me through the steps that you would use for troubleshooting, and it was a very educational process for me.  Because of his professionalism and knowledge, our unit is venting correctly, and all vents ports are passing the “toilet paper test.”  I will be highly recommending you and your team for ventilation needs in the future.

Joe / Bar Harbor / 07/27/2020

Hey Kurt:

A number of years ago we constructed a very tight post-and-beam home that was not built with a ventilation system, as that was not the standard at the time. We subsequently developed a significant mold problem among other issues related to the tightness of the house, which we were unable to overcome by running multiple dehumidifiers in the Winter, and ultimately had to have a number of windows partially open in an attempt to create air exchange, a poor substitute for a ventilation system. We were initially unable to find a company who specialized in retrofitting a system to an existing post-and-beam, until we were referred to Fresh Air Ventilation Systems, LLC. 

From the beginning to the end of the process, Fresh Air Ventilation Systems was exemplary in all respects. Through phone and email consultation, a plan was drawn up to exactly meet our needs; the detail was thorough and explained clearly.  Scheduling was flexible. Once on site, there was no interruption as these folks do one job at a time. As this was a retrofit, there were a number of decisions that needed to be made on the fly as installation progressed, and Kurt was innovative, creative, and receptive in discussions concerning approach to access of each floor and room, and placement of vents. His team was respectful, always on-time, and exceptionally good at cleanup. Finally, they were always pleasant and engaging. The result was a terrific ventilation system which has solved our problems with air exchange. It is amazing to always breath fresh air indoors after all this time.

I would highly recommend Fresh Air Ventilation Systems to anyone who needs seeks an excellent air exchange system installed in their home.  PJO

Peter / Bar Harbor / 07/06/2020

Kurt and the crew at Fresh Air Ventilation were able to resolve our moisture and air quality issues immediately. Not only were they able to recommend several courses of action but they had our system up and running within days of our first call. Jesse Wall, Owner of TruStrength Athletics 


Jesse / Norway / 05/07/2018

Kurt at Fresh Air Ventialtion is a consummate expert with a kind and generous professional manner.
He was so helpful in familiarizing me with the aspects of my Kubix HVAC system and outing my mind at rest regarding effective and easy maintenance practices.
I give the highest recommendation to Kurt and his excellent company for providing clean and healthy, cutting edge home ventilation systems. 
Barbara L.

Barbara / 07/27/2016



Thank you for your speedy installation of the Venmar system. It has definitely improved the overall air quality in our homes. Our symptoms have greatly improved.

Thanks, again

Roland and Carol / West Bath / 03/19/2016



You replaced my system about 2 years ago, now. Your decision to slave the new system into the the old heat exchange system of the previous unit was truly inspired and ingenious. My oil costs have never been lower, my house never fresher, and my wallet never more thankful.

Bill / Readfield / 03/08/2016

Good Morning

Just a quick email to let you know how much I love my fresh air ventilation.  My house smells better, my closets smell better, the doors close better, but most of all my windows are crystal clear, my main goal.  I have been wiping the steam, water, drips off my windows for years.  What a good feeling it is to awake up and see clear windows.  Wish I knew about this years ago. Thank you!

Bernadette / Sanford / 10/31/2013

Hi Kurt,
I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me and my wife offering options for air quality without a sales pitch its nice to do business with a fellow Mainer.

I am in the construction business and i was very pleased with your clean installation and your being on schedule, you don't find that much anymore. The thing I am most happy with is my wife and I can breathe, you have a great product line.
When I come home and turn the unit on it is like night and day, I go from a stuffy to clear headed in a matter of minutes, also, you would not even know we have pets. Most people that come over are amazed, also no pet dander all over the place. 
Thanks again.

Chuck and Marylou / Wells / 2013

Hi Kurt,  

It's been a year and a half since you installed the fresh air ventilation system with the HEPA filter and we love it.  It's makes a huge difference in the quality of our indoor air.  It's great during the winter especially since the air is never stale. It works well to remove the moisture in our bathrooms, too.  During allergy season it's a boon to me as the pollen levels in the house are much lower, has been especially important during this high pollen season in the spring.   The ventilation system complements the vastly improved insulation in the basement - we had the spray foam - and in the second floor crawly space and our home is quite cozy and the air is much less dry because of the heat exchanger/ventilation.

Thanks again so much.  You did such a great job retrofitting our house, snaking the pipes here and there - how did you figure it out?  Everyone should have this system in their house, but especially anyone contemplating a upgrade to their insulation - i.e. tightening up their building envelope. Best wishes.

David / South Berwick / 2013

Dear Kurt,
Jim and I want to tell you what a huge difference we've noticed already in the air quality in our home since you installed our Venmar ERV and several new supplies and exhausts a month ago.  The air is clear and crisp and worth taking those healthy deep breaths several times a day.  It's obvious to us how heavy and stagnant the air was previously.

It's too soon to know for sure, of course, but we feel confident that the rampant mold problem on all of the furniture in our finished lower level bedrooms and family room will stay away because of the healthy air movement our new ERV provides.  We are so relieved and satisfied with this purchase and your work.  Thank you so much for your analytical system and design skills, hard work, honesty and all the great information you gave us.  We highly recommend you, Kurt Johnson, and Fresh Air Ventilation Systems LLC (Venmar).  Thank you so much!

Faye and Jim / Mason Township / 03/15/2013

Holiday Greetings from Camden...I'm thinking back to my endless lists of probably would have worked to just tell me to be quiet, give it 3 months...and then ask!! What a difference in the house...and my health...Details and verdict are still out on electric costs and heating costs but...I can't imagine not having it has made a mighty difference in the house...thank you!

I've been telling everyone about you and your business and what this has done...friends surely see the difference in me and the house!  A very Merry Christmas to you...

Lyn / 2012

We are very pleased with the work you and Seth did and the house does feel fresh.  Thanks so much for preserving the finished section of the basement as much as possible with the re-design.  We're so glad we asked you to come and reinstall the unit--you exceeded our expectations on what was possible.  Thanks again.

Mary Kate and Steve /11/26/12

My ERV has worked out beautifully. (installed Oct 2009) I was a little concerned about the ERV's ability to remove bathroom moisture in the summer. It does not seem to be an issue!  Our chronic mildew problem in our bathroom has also disappeared.  Kennebec Home Performance 

Charlie / Waterville / 3/1/12


Just want to tell you that we are great fans of the ventilation system that you installed in our new house (built by GOlogic) on Spruce Head Island in South Thomaston. This is the cleanest, most dust free house I have ever lived in. We also used as much toxic free building materials and furnishing as we could. I have been able to almost stop taking allergy medications for the first time in years.

Sally & Don / 01/30/2012


Hi Kurt,
It's amazing how many people seem to have the same problem that I did before you installed the new system. When I told people why I was working from home  the day you did the install I found out I wasn't alone with mold and moisture problems. I must admit I was skeptical as I didn't think air flow could make that much difference. The very first morning I woke up and started checking windows for moisture. There was absolutely none! I also noticed before I even got out of bed that the air in the house smelled like towels I had dried outside. It's still new but 2 thumbs up so far. I will continue to spread the word and feel free to use me as a reference.  Happy Customer.

Hope / Windham / 10/15/2011

 Hi Kurt!,

We believe the system you installed has taken care of all issues as far as we know, nice clean air inside, so happy with the system!!! Thanks again!

Carol B. / Dover-Foxcroft / 2011


Hi Kurt,

I really appreciate your help yesterday getting that air exchanger going. The air in this place is 100% better already. It was awfully stale without air exchanging going. It's a wonderful thing

Al G. / Winthrop / 12/09/2011


Dear Kurt,     

It seems to be taking care of my moisture problem. Also for the first time in ages, I haven't been waking up with a headache. (Which I've been having several times a week.) I haven't had a headache in over a week.

Thank you for the wonderful job you did.

Patty / Windham / 02/17/2011

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